Future Novel

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Watch for Paper Cuts” (2016) –  Medicine & Money — medical manipulation and billing fraud when a private hospital hidden in the woods performs back-room experiments and organ theft on homeless veterans and mentally ill vagrants, and then bills the federal government for multiple surgeries and treatments it never performs.

Current Project:::                   A Hobo’s Revenge   (2016)

A crooked real estate developer scams an elderly couple into investing the family savings. The investor steals it all. Depression sets in when the couple and a live-in grand-daughter face financial ruin and eviction.

Kicked out of the family home at foreclosure, the young woman barely survives on the streets in a devious and hostile world. Stealing, hustling, occasionally working odd jobs, she fights for survival. The woman inhabits a hobo camp now and again, and eventually pairs up with a homeless vagrant she meets on the streets.

Broke and homeless, the pair plan a diabolical scheme that offers sweet revenge and plants you directly on the edge of your seat, then makes you laugh out loud at a simple twist of fate that brings a criminal real estate empire to its knees.