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Monkey44 offers wildlife info, nature travel and camping tips, and interesting info, facts and rumors, wildlife and nature images, recommendations for documentary reading, and wilderness conservation tips from across the nation.  Watch for digital photo technique tips, reading recommendations for fiction with a wildlife or human behavior theme, exciting new fiction, and new authors.

Monkey44 provides wildlife protection and conservation info, photo tips and writing tips.  He shares readings and images he discovers while wandering the pathways that cross his wilderness home – the deserts and forests, the mountains and seashores of the USA.

Monkey44 dislikes and mistrusts his laptop computing machine. It exhibits false or misleading and untested information intermittently. It malfunctions. It shuts itself off and  points its blank blue face at him and gives him the finger when he needs its power the most.

So he carries with him instead a “Book of Nature” his mother gifted him at birth many years ago, a book she received from her father and to him from his mother before. A very heavy book, the weight of our world lives between its covers. But it knows a lot, this book, and it shares its knowledge with anyone that asks.

Monkey44 sits upon this book occasionally, resting when his paging finger tires. At night, he stores this treasure beneath a thick green leaf he lays across a nest high upon his sleeping tree, protecting it from theft or harm, and weather.

When life puzzles him or mystifies a friend – or even a stranger – he pages thru this very intelligent book until he finds the truth. Sometimes a difficult task – but he never gives up.

Monkey44 offers one piece of advice to all :: Offer respect and provide guidance for our youth, but allow each child to find its own personal book of life, add to it meticulously, and trust it always

Open your mind >>> apply due diligence >>> seek that knowledge you desire.

      Pursue enlightenment with care 

Believe not everything you hear, nor everything you see, nor everything planted in the web-net garden. Know too, that shiny black box hung on a belt may contain work and play and all its pleasures, but often neglects the simple reality of life

Harvest only proofs and truths you grow yourself

 Monkey44 :: The inquisitive Ape offers assistance and comfort for all who wish it


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A Six-Pack of Short Fiction

by William Delorey
Some predators are animals
Some predators are human
Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference