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Monkey Chat

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Welcome to the Natural World of Monkey44 — explore wildlife, nature, travel, and camping. Follow Monkey on his travels across North America, thru the back country and wonder of our national parks, state parks, and wilderness lands. He’ll take you anywhere you want to go and show you anything you want to see thru a collection of images that illustrate the amazing diversity and natural beauty of North America…

He works hard to protect his furry friends and his feathered friends, the homes they live in, and the food they eat. Monkey will guide you on his magical Travel Trails across North America, thru the forests, the deserts, and the mountains. Chat with the wildlife we find along the way, and learn from the critters we see. Habitat, locomotion, flight, food, and how our natural friends raise young.

So, join us on a remarkable journey, and watch this amazing natural world we share with Monkey and his friends unfold before your eyes.  The first chapter arrive in a few days, so keep your eyes and ears open, and listen for his call.  You’ll recognize it easily, sounds like Monkey chatting.  🙂