Scam investments, Deceit, Murder, Revenge and the corruption that occurs when money sits at the top of the pile and each party climbs a different ladder to reach it.

Hobos and High Finance have little in common until the day an investment scammer deceives Gina and Mickey McGee, steals their retirement savings, and forces foreclosure on the family farm. Evicted along with her grandparents, Ellie McGee drops out of college and ends up homeless, living in a hobo encampment among a group of vagabonds.

Ellie hooks up with Tick Simmons, and together they plan revenge on the scammers that stole the farm and also killed Tick's twin brother, a resident of the hobo camp.

Tick and Ellie team up with the odd-ball drifters, recruit a senator and a rogue intelligence agent, then reverse the game and scam the scammers, engaging in a diabolical and ingenious plot to retaliate in an all-or-nothing high stakes gamble.

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