A world-class athlete confronts the Mind Games!

This gritty and fascinating journey follows the struggles of a world-class athlete resisting the brain chemistry reactions that provoke violent behavior. He fights for control of his mind while he trains for Olympic Gold.

Sonny Bones awakens each morning locked in battle - good on one side, evil on the other. An imaginary voice screams in his brain while his tortured mind struggles with ethical and moral choices only he can make. "Kill a friend," it whispers, "and we'll release you from all this pain."

Unable to resist the hormone invasion that triggers rage in his mind, his life spirals downward and out of control. Homelessness, drug abuse, jail cells and treatment centers punctuate his journey. With help from a quirky Russian psychiatrist and her unique high-tech treatment plan, Sonny defies the maddening impulse to execute his friends, and never once loses sight of his goal. An extraordinary tale, illustrating one young athlete's dedication and perseverance, and his will to win.

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